This product was designed by Link Digital Inc. and developed by Katherine Gibson and Ann Hill.

The text was written by Katherine Gibson with input from Andrew McWilliam, Deirdre McKay and Ann Hill.

Photo essays were produced by Community Researchers with the Jagna Community Partnering Project.  

Powerpoint displays were produced by Noel Orias, Arthur Homillano, Joycelyn Miralles-Apeg and Maureen Balaba. 

Video clips were filmed by Amanda Cahill and edited by Ann Hill.


I would like to thank Ann Hill for helping to conceptualize this research product and for her encouragement over the years it has taken to complete it.

Thanks also to the feedback offered by participants in a workshop around the CD held at the Conference of the South East Asian Geography Association (SEAGA) in Manila, 2008. 

Katherine Gibson, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University of Western Sydney