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Compiling a Local Economic Inventory

The DEF can be used to compile a local inventory of the diverse economic assets of your community. Here assets refer not just to land, buildings and machinery but to all the transactions, labour practices and enterprise forms that make up the local economy.

Using the inventory sheets attached to the Diverse Economies Framework page you can begin to compile a very specific picture of your local economy. Each place will have a different set of economic practices listed in the DEF and you may identify additonal practices that need to be added to the DEF.  As well each place will have different proportions of these local economic practices.

In some areas where there are large capitalist enterprises there may be very few other kinds of enterprises or  forms of labour other than wage labour.

Once the inventory of local transactions, labour practices and enterprises has been completed discussion can turn to identifying how these different aspects of the local diverse economy interact with each other.

How do certain transactions and labour practices relate to different enterprise forms?

A Diverse Transactions Inventory Exercise

Click here to down load a Diverse TRANSACTIONS  Inventory Sheet.

A Diverse Labour Practices Inventory Exercise

Click here to down load a Diverse LABOUR Practices Inventory Sheet.

A Diverse Enterprise Inventory Exercise

Click here to down load a Diverse ENTERPRISES Inventory Sheet

Representing the Local Diverse Economy